Vladimir Botnari, former police chief commissioner of Chisinau, appointed head of department at Moldtelecom

Mariana Rață

Vladimir Botnari, former police chief commissioner of Chisinau has been recently appointed head of the Department of security at Moldtelecom. He is investigated for duty owed negligence during the events of 7 April 2009 that resulted in the death of Valeriu Boboc.

We  called Vladimir Botnari’s landline number  of his new job but he  refused to provide details about  how he was employed and the duties of his office. The new head of department from Moldtelecom  asked us a lot of questions rather than answered ours. "Why do you need this information, what kind of investigation are you doing? What public office was I appointed?  I served as police chief commissioner ten years ago. You've taken me aback. Ten years have passed and now you're interested in it. First, I do not know you. Secondly, special services from this institution can tell you everything related to my employment. You'll learn from them  when I was employed and what I do. There is a press service, department of human resources. I do not know whom I discuss with. If you were a person whom I meet accidentally on the street, I see your face, I would answer all questions", said Vladimir Botnari, after we insisted that  he was employed in a state institution.

We contacted the press service of Moldtelecom. Irina Vicol, media communication specialist asked us to send a written request with questions. We sent the request on Wednesday morning and then we called several times to request the information. "I could not get an answer. I was involved in mega-important activities in my work and I could not find an answer for you. Please wait", said Irina Vicol later. On Thursday morning, we called again and we were asked to wait again.

Vladimir Botnari, former police chief commissioner of Chisinau and Gheorghe Papuc, former minister of Interior stood trial for duty owed negligence resulting in the death of Valeriu Boboc during protests seven years ago. On June 30, 2015 he was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Justice after the Court of Appeal Chisinau ruled two years of suspended sentence for Vladimir Botnari and Gheorghe Papuc received four years of imprisonment with execution of punishment. Also, both of them have been deprived of the rank of general officer.

The press wrote previously about  property of Vladimir Botnari. According to Ziarul de Garda, former police chief commissioner of the capital lives in a luxury house, registered on the mane of his daughter one week before the events from April 2009. Botnari owns together with his family, a luxurious villa in the village Tohatin where he goes most often with his wife.

Vladimir Botnari was born in Zazulenii Vechi, district Ungheni. He served several important functions during the period when Moldova was governed by the Communist Party. He was police chief commissioner in Falesti, Soroca and commander of Special Purpose Brigade Fulger. In 2002 he was appointed Deputy Minister of the Interior when Gheorghe Papuc managed this Ministry. Four years later, Botnari quitted the Interior Ministry and was elected head of division at the Agency for Construction and Territorial Development, and in 2007, he was appointed deputy minister of transport. Subsequently, he was  elected general police chief commissioner of Chisinau until 2009. Vladimir Botnari did not serve any office after the Communist Party left the power.

A new director of Moldtelecom was elected in April 2016. Media was not allowed to participate in the contest that designated Dan Mitriuc. Ziarul National wrote earlier that Dan Mitriuc, 31, worked in Victoriabank and then he was promoted for the seat of deputy director in charge with the financial activity at Moldova’s Railway. He is the son in law of Tamara Andrusca, member of the Court of Accounts. Also, he was financial director of Prime Management that manages Plahotniuc’s media holding.

Mariana Rață

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