DOC // Following CIJM investigations. Prosecutor Denis Cebotari accuses ANI of incompetence

The accuser, Denis Cebotari from the Chisinau City Prosecutor's Office, appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) after the Chisinau Court of Appeal did not consider it appropriate to annul the finding issued by the National Integrity Authority (ANI) concerning him. A request to this effect was submitted

Viorica Mija

Impact of an investigation by the Center of Investigative Journalism in Moldova. Prosecutor Ruslan Popov to stand trial


Marina Tauber remains without legislative immunity


Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Prosecutor Igor Popa leaves the system after 22 years of activity. The Superior Council of Prosecutors accepted Igor Popa's resignation request.


Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Former SIS director Vasile Botnari remains behind bars


Impact of a journalistic investigation: Former lawyer Ala Popa, accused in the case of illicit enrichment of prosecutor Igor Popa


Dorin Damir and Valeriu Cojocaru Were Released from Pre-Trial Detention


Metalferos Case: Eight People Will Appear in the Dock


Alexandr Stoianoglo Will Be Criminally Investigated in the Case of Turkish Teachers


Impact of an investigation by CIJM//  Anticorruption prosecutors searched the homes of former defecting deputies. Who are they?