"Census 2014" // Prosecutors admit that dozens of persons are involved in the fraud of millions. Former director of the National Bureau of Statistics: "All expenditures were approved legally"

Anastasia Nani
Instruirea operatorilor de prelucrare a datelor pentru Recensământul populaţiei şi al locuinţelor 2014. Foto: Statistica.md

Prosecutors have not yet suspects in the criminal case initiated on misappropriation of the money allocated to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) for conducting population and housing census in 2014, but they admit that dozens of people are involved in this fraud.  On the other hand, Lucia Spoiala who quitted the post of head of NBS early in 2016 said that all expenditures were approved  in line with the law.

Prosecutor Vlad Guzic claims that the judges seize the documents from the NBS. "We do not have exact concerned persons. It's a very large set of documents. We have to study the offers of economic units who have participated in auctions. It's about much money and many contracts. It is a large group of people, perhaps tens of people: current and former employees, economic units and intermediaries", said Vlad Guzic.

Lucia Spoiala, who served as director of the NBS in 2009 says that she has not yet been called by the Prosecution to provide statements. "All expenditures were approved within the budget of the census in 2012. As for tenders, all stipulations were respected", said Lucia Spoiala.

According to a press release of the General Prosecutor’s Office, in the period 2013 - 2016, civil servants within the NBS planned and conducted a criminal scheme in order to seize funds allocated for the census. Thus, out of the total expenditures incurred by BNS for the census, a sum of 1.8 million was spent for purposes other than for the census: change of  windows, inter-departmental security, procurement of equipment unused and stored in the warehouse, renew of the technical base, handbags, scanners, conditioners and other expenses that would not have been necessary for this process.

Also, investigations of prosecutors revealed that civil servants within the NBS acted in collusion with decision makers of a company and signed 5 public procurement agreements estimated at 9.2 million lei. Contracts were signed illegally, favored the economic unit by ensuring the possibility of assets’ misappropriation.

Prosecutors opened a criminal case on huge foreign assets embezzlement and the investigation would cover both the actions of  civil servants within the NBS and people within the contracting companies,  that managed the money.



Anastasia Nani

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