Prosecutors ask 19 years of imprisonment for former PM Vlad Filat
Foto:, Elena Covalenco

The prosecutors ask 19 years of imprisonment for former Prime Minister Vlad Filat. He is charged with passive corruption and influence peddling. The June 22 hearing on the case of the former Premier consisted of judicial debates. In a nearing at the start of next week, the defendant will be allowed to make his last statements.

"As state prosecutor, considering the evidence and made statements, I asked for 19 years behind bars for passive corruption and influence peddling, a fine of 3,000 conventional units and interdiction to hold positions in government during 5 years”,  said after the seating the prosecutor Adriana Betisor.

Also, the prosecution asked confiscation of the possessions obtained after the politician was ‘remunerated’ by Ilan Shor for particular services. wrote in October 2015 that the anticorruption prosecutors seized stakes in companies from Moldova and abroad and on property owned by Liberal Democrat MP Vlad Filat. A week ago, the politician wrote on his Facebook page that the sentence has already been decided. According to him, he will be sentenced to 16 to 18 years in prison and the sentence will be announced by the end of June.

"You should know that this sentence began to be written since I was elected Prime Minister. The more I pushed for reforms, the more Plahotniuc was writing this sentence. After raider attack on Agroindbank,  Banca de Economii (BEM), Victoriabank and Asito in 2011, the Government took responsibility and I demanded in Parliament the resignation of National Commission for Financial Markets, Moldova National Bank (BNM), General Prosecutor’s office. They rejected it. Consequently, the billion was stolen and the institutions came under his subordination", reads the message of the former prime minister.

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