DOC// Financial irregularities, detected at a town hall that figured in a CIJM investigation

An investigation by the financial inspection uncovered several instances of mismanagement of public funds by the City Hall of Cobîlea in the Soldaneşti district. These irregularities, which have been admitted by the local administration, were brought to light in a report published on the portal.

To rectify the situation, the financial inspection has issued a prescription to the City Hall of Cobîlea, demanding the removal of these admitted irregularities. The prescription highlights the most frequent violations, including failure to collect or improperly calculated payments for land and water basin leases, non-compliance with legal requirements during public auctions, and incorrect calculation of salaries for local officials.

Furthermore, the financial inspection also discovered that the quality control of repair works funded with public money was neglected. Between 2020 and 2021, the City Hall of Cobîlea carried out repair works with a total cost of 1,556,500 lei for social infrastructure.

It is worth mentioning that last summer, published an investigation, prompted by a Corruption Map notification, that exposed the controversial leasing of the water pool in Cobîlea to a village resident after another individual had invested in it for 20 years. This action, carried out by Mayor Angela Ababii in favor of a relative, resulted in several lawsuits and incurred additional expenses for legal services from the local budget.

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