Head of Civil Aviation Authority, who was subject to a recent investigation on Anticoruptie.md portal, resigned at the request of Prime Minister Pavel Filip

Mircea Maleca. Foto: girodivite.it

Mircea Maleca, director of the Civil Aviation Authority has resigned at the request of the Prime Minister. Pavel Filip alleges a conflict of interest. Journalists of Anticoruptie.md portal of the Center for Investigative Journalism revealed in an investigation that Mircea Maleca is the real business partner of the family of the Justice Minister Vladimir Cebotari in the new airline Fly One, though the head of the Civil Aviation Authority does not admit this fact.

"I admit that I ordered the resignation of Mr. Mircea Maleca. There were and still are many suspicions about a possible conflict of interest", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

Anticoruptie.md previously revealed that Mircea Maleca is the real business partner of the Justice Minister Vladimir Cebotari in the new airline Fly One. The official hid behind his former father-in-law from Leova. This is confirmed in a letter that had been signed by Mihai Balan, director of the Service of Information and Security (ISS), that came into possession of Anticoruptie.md portal. Though the authenticity of the letter was not confirmed, heads from SIS claimed in an official reply that the administration of the Civil Aviation Authority abuses of power by promoting private interests in civil aviation, which would be contrary to state interests.

On the other hand, in the official launch of the airline Fly One SRL, general director denied that the potential of the State Enterprise Air Moldova would be undermined by this company. "There have not been any influence ", said Nicu Berla in late May.

The new airline Fly On has been operating flights to many European cities as of May 2016. The company was registered last year. One of the founders of this company is Maria Cebotari, wife of the current Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari and his sister, Mariana Tabuica is the new executive director. The Minister confirmed that his family started a new business and it's just a way to earn a living. "Just like any citizen of this country, I cope with problems", argued the official who gets a monthly income estimated at 16,000 lei at the Ministry.




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