Journalists encouraged to monitor the presidential campaign. “Much transparency is needed"
Sursa foto: CIJM

Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM), Ziarul de Garda (ZdG), Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC), in partnership with Freedom House, launch a wide campaign to monitor the presidential elections and candidates running in the race. Under the campaign for transparent presidential elections, journalists from CIJM and Ziarul de Garda will carry out investigations about the integrity of candidates, voting lists and violations in elections. Also, CIJM and CAPC enable the citizens to report violations during the campaign on the Corruption Map, on portal Anticorupţ or the hotline of the CAPC.

CIJM, ZdG, CAPC and Freedom House organized today, September 15, public discussions to strengthen journalists’ skills to monitor the presidential election campaign. During the event, Cornelia Cozonac, President of CIJM, provided more information about tools and techniques to investigate issues related to election campaigns. Also, the president of the Center for Investigative Journalism drew the attention of journalists that the legislation enables access to many documents of Central Election Commission.

“CIJM has monitored previous election campaigns. An example is "Black lists" of candidates in the parliamentary elections from 2009 and 2010. We found many candidates with integrity problems then and now some of them are on electoral lists", said Cornelia Cozonac. Referring to the presidential elections, President of  CIJM stressed that investigations carried out  by journalists of the Center will be available in Romanian, Russian and English and can be cited  by national or local media outlets. "I call on journalists from local media to send us articles. Those who want to tell their views, can do it on blogs on  Much transparency is needed", reports the source.

Alina Radu, director of Ziarul de Garda said that journalists had an important mission in this election campaign. “There is much press, but if we analyze, a large part of it is paid by the same politicians. Therefore, it is important that the investigations carried out by reporters interested in elections’ monitoring to be shared by everyone. It is important to speak about election campaign on TV. Surveys show that TV is an important source of information for most of citizens. Otherwise, we will not be successful ", said the journalist.

Galina Bostan, director of CAPC, encouraged citizens to report any violations of electoral rights to the hotline opened by the Centre. "The hotline will provide legal assistance to all applicants, except for electoral candidates. Past experience shows that the number of calls increases around elections and on election day, complaints can be reported from 7.00 and until the polling stations are closed", said Galina Bostan.

Attending the public debates organized today, were: Iurie Ciocan, CEC member who answered journalists' questions  about elections and electoral fraud, and Elena Crasmaru, representative of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council, who  spoke about the rights and obligations of radio and TV stations  during the electoral campaign.

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