Lawyer Ala Popa continues to send obscene messages to journalists // The Center for Investigative Journalism filed complaints with the Prosecutor

Cornelia Cozonac
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Lawyer Ala Popa continued to send obscene messages on Thursday morning and Friday, accompanied by insults to the journalists from the Center for Investigative Journalism, after the portal published some of the intimidating messages sent on the portal's Facebook page. She called on journalists to "take oral sex classes". The Center for Investigative Journalism filed complaints with the Prosecutor's Office, the Police and the Bar Association on Friday.

The lawyer's reaction comes after CIJM reporters wrote that she is being prosecuted in the same case as prosecutor Igor Popa. "Don't yell like morons! Your ass will burn! ”, writes the lawyer in a message full of mistakes.

After the news was published with the first threatening messages, the lawyer went even further. "You can write other news. I will give topics because you have nothing to write about. By the way, a topic: Ala Popa went to the toilet and defecated, the best she could, I endangered Cozonac's security. God, give work to fools because they are relaxed! Have a nice evening!

Following this message, she posted an announcement about oral sex and urged journalists to enroll in this course.

The lawyer sent on Friday obscene messages addressed to journalists from portal.

The Center for Investigative Journalism describes this behavior as unworthy of her position, defamatory and threatening messages of intimidation are a revenge for the criticism of the team of journalists in the investigation that revealed the scheme of hiding undeclared property. The CIJM requested the General Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior to examine the actions of Ala Popa in the light of the provisions of the Contravention Code for acts of slander and insult.

The CIJM also filed a complaint with the General Prosecutor's Office requesting the examination of the lawyer's actions in the light of Article 180 of the Criminal Code for the crime of intentional obstruction of media activity or intimidation for criticism. Another complaint was filed with the Bar Association.

The Anticoruptie Portal wrote on Thursday that the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office issued an order to indict Ala Popa, because she was allegedly an accomplice of the former deputy general prosecutor, Igor Popa, in the case for illicit enrichment. The information was confirmed for the portal by sources from the Prosecutor's Office.

At Ala Popa's complaint, a magistrate annulled the order not to start the criminal investigation against the journalists from the Center for Investigative Journalism who carried out the investigation regarding the prosecutor's hidden property and the fact that the two were divorced to hide their property.

Reporters proved that the two live together in an apartment in a residential block in the center of Chisinau.

Last autumn, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office started a criminal case for illicit enrichment against Igor Popa, after they filed a complaint against the investigations of the Center for Investigative Journalism in Moldova. Shortly afterwards, prosecutors filed a case against Igor Popa for falsifying his statements on property, which reached the magistrates' table. In July 2020, on the portal, the investigation “VIDEO // The fictitious divorce and the hidden property of the prosecutor Igor Popa” was published, about how Igor Popa resorted to a fictitious divorce in order to hide his properties which he could not cover from his salary as a prosecutor.

The investigation turned for the Center for Investigative Journalism, the author of the investigation and a civic activist, into a fight for several years with state institutions and the prosecutor’s wife to defend our rights. Ala Popa really harassed us right from the first investigations we did. She wrote complaints to several state institutions, to the Press Council, to the Police and the Prosecutor's Office, she sued us. Some institutions reacted to the prosecutor's wife's complaints at a time when the case was barely documented. Others have started criminal proceedings and even criminal cases.

Details of how the ex-wife of the prosecutor Popa harassed the team of journalists from the moment when she found that they documented information about properties in the Cadastre, read in the article "CASE STUDY. How the wife of a prosecutor tried to silence the journalists"

Cornelia Cozonac

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