"Offshoreplaha" // President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, allegedly involved in criminal schemes in Moldova

Petro Poroșenko Foto: unian.net

Current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was allegedly involved in criminal activities on the territory of the Republic of Moldova early in 2000. This is revealed by a note published on offshoreplaha.wordpress.com along with several documents signed by former head of Interpol Office in Moldova Valentina Litvinov, writes Ziarul National.

According to the source, the document shows that during 2001-2005, the police found 53 cases of theft of property from Moldovan citizens who owned shares in the shopping center "Gemenii" from Chisinau. The authors of the illegalities were six criminal groups "created and led by Petro Poroshenco and Petru Madan", the latter was former subordinate and a trustee of the Ukrainian official.

These groups blackmailed, intimidated and swindled Moldovan citizens , seized  their shares and caused a loss of over 66 million lei. In all, Petro Poroshenko's groups would have deprived goods of over 50,000 citizens holding shares in Gemenii, SA Bucuria, Fabrica  de Sticla in Chisinau and others,  which are registered on  offshore companies whose ultimate beneficiary was the president of Ukraine.

Moreover, these groups would have killed more people to order. The document also reveals that the criminal cases initiated on these facts reached, inexplicably, the Centre for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption (CCCEC, current National Anti-Corruption Center ) where they did not take any action. The briefing paper writes that in 2005, when Poroshenko  served as Secretary of the Security Council and Defense of Ukraine, he  influenced the prosecutor in Chisinau and CCECC leadership  to release the people who were imprisoned for these cases and the criminal cases on  his name did not reach the court. 

Ziarul National writes that head of CCCEC was Valentin Mejinschi in the period 2004-2008, the current manager of the security company Argus-S, located in a building  owned by Finpar SRL company of Vladimir Plahotniuc. Both Mejinschi and Roibu, who served as head of CCCEC appear in a list published on the same blog page that revealed that he received aid from Plahotniuc for “legal assistance”  amounting to 30,000 and $ 10,000 respectively.


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