Socialist MP Oleg Savva cyberbullies a reporter of the Center for Investigative Journalism
Oleg Savva (dreapta). Foto:

Reporter of the Center for Investigative Journalism Mariana Colun was verbally attacked on a social network by socialist deputy Oleg Savva. The MP appeared to be unhappy with an article targeting him, naming the reporter "liar", "raff," and "illiterate girl." Savva also threatened the journalist with a trial and a physical harassment. "We can also attack! You should know that  we will retaliate to any "attack" against the Socialists", the MP wrote on his Facebook page.


"Still you cannot calm down... I have already sent a prior request. ... give up, anyway no one will vote for your moral monsters. Read the article ... written by an illiterate girl. And not a single legislative initiative has been withdrawn by me. Liar!!!!! And you write that these initiatives also target the combatants in the transnistrian region. Explain to these veterans what you have against them", wrote Oleg Savva.

"You raff, lousy  journalists",  writes  the socialist MP about Mariana Colun and the journalist Vasile Năstase, host of "60 minutes" show  on Jurnal TV.

The MP reacted to the article "Socialists’ candidate for Falesti: Modest incomes, generous donations and draft laws focused on personal interests” carried out under the “For a Clean Parliament” campaign. The investigation reveals that the social MP Oleg Savva, fielded on September 22 for the Falesti constituency in the parliamentary elections in February 2019,  came to the Parliament with modest incomes. That did not prevent him from "helping" the party with thousands of lei, money he would have received himself as a donation. The performances of the Socialist MP  in the Parliament are also modest. Vet of the Afghanistan war, Savva field several war veterans-focused projects, but the latter were rejected by the Government and  then withdrawn.


"It is a serious attack admitted by an MP against a journalist. Comments full of hatred inciting hatred, which is inadmissible for an official. He should keep control of his words. And this person wants to run again for the same public office. In a country that wants to be democratic, such behavior admitted by an official must be punished by the competent authorities, but also charged as such by those to whom the vote is demanded", said the President of the Center for Investigative Journalism, Cornelia Cozonac. She  pointed that the Center for Investigative Journalism will file complaints with the law enforcement authorities against Socialist MP Oleg Savva.

UPDATE 13.12.18. The verbal abuse of socialist MP Oleg Savva got worse. He reiterated that he did not deny his words. "Because of journalists like them, journalism is called the second oldest profession on earth. And we know that they are paid by the West and they continue to destroy this state, Republic of Moldova !!! ", wrote the MP in a Facebook post.

The Socialist went ahead, by threatening the journalist with physical aggression. "We can also attack! You should know that we will retaliate to any "attack" against the Socialists", commented the MP." You will speak Romanian in your homeland, Romania", wrote Oleg Savva. The comments of the Socialist MP have generated other hateful comments and threats against the  CIJM reporter personally  and the media as a whole.

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