The Moldovan diaspora from various countries stands in solidarity with the participants of the "European Moldova" National Assembly.

Cornelia Cozonac
Bresci, Italia

Moldovans residing in different countries have shown their support for the participants of the "European Moldova" Grand Assembly, currently taking place in Chisinau. Solidarity rallies have been organized in several countries where our compatriots reside.

In Brescia, Italy, approximately 200 people came out to express their solidarity with those back home, who are currently gathered in the Grand National Assembly Square. They chanted slogans such as "Moldova is Europe," as shared by Ludmila Pinciuc.

The Moldovans settled in Padua, Italy, have issued a declaration, which we present in its entirety:

"Dear Citizens of the Republic of Moldova, those at home and from the diaspora everywhere,

We, the representatives of the Baștina Association - the Community of Moldovan Citizens from Padua, Italy, as well as members of the Padua Center who have organized and participated in numerous protests in Italy between 2016 and 2020, have gathered today, May 21, 2023, at the Consulate of the Republic of Moldova in Padua, as part of the 'European Moldova' Assembly. We continue the efforts made by citizens of the Republic of Moldova and the diaspora to integrate into the European Union.

Through the urging, persistence, and involvement of the diaspora, together with those at home, we have managed to change the course towards the European Union following the events of 2009. We have called upon politicians to fulfill their duty in achieving this goal.

As a result, significant progress has been made, including:

  1. The removal of barbed wire on the Prut border,
  2. Visa regime liberalization,
  3. Signing the free trade agreement,
  4. Signing the association agreement.

However, there have been challenges posed by destructive forces that needed to be overcome. This led to the emergence of new momentum and forces, giving birth to the ACUM bloc, aimed at maintaining the European course of the Republic of Moldova.

The diaspora has intensified its actions by organizing various meetings, flashmobs, and protests in support of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova at home.

Last year, when the Republic of Moldova obtained candidate status for integration into the family of European Union states, we witnessed the fruits of our struggle.

To implement the reforms required for EU membership, we need increased involvement from the government, which possesses the necessary instruments, as well as responsibility from the diaspora and all citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

We want this event to signify the consolidation of the entire society and all truly pro-European political forces, in order to achieve the objective of major national interest - joining the European Union.

In these challenging moments, it is crucial to send a united message to the world that the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova aspire to join the European Union. We are confident in our success.

We acknowledge the ongoing support from Romania, which has played a crucial role in advancing our path towards EU integration. We also extend our gratitude to the Ukrainian people, whose sacrifice is helping us realize our longstanding desire to draw closer to the European Union family of states.

It is important to emphasize that enormous efforts have been made in previous years, and there is still much to be done in this journey. Our country requires unity among citizens who seek change.

National consolidation is necessary because it is only through this unity that we can successfully implement the Association Agreement and integrate into the European Union, providing a dignified future for all citizens of the Republic of Moldova."

Additionally, in the capital of Great Britain, London, our compatriots gathered to support the Grand Assembly in Chisinau and the European path of the country. The event was organized under the auspices of the Association of Moldovans in Great Britain and the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Great Britain.

In Riga, our compatriots also came together with the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the Grand National Assembly Square in Chisinau to show their support. The message they conveyed was loud and clear: "Moldova is Europe!" Their presence and solidarity reflected the shared commitment towards democracy, prosperity, and peace within the European family.

These demonstrations of unity and support from the Moldovan diaspora highlight the widespread desire for the country to integrate into the European Union. They serve as a reminder of the efforts made in previous years and the ongoing commitment to achieve this goal. The consolidation of citizens and pro-European political forces is crucial to successfully implement the Association Agreement and pave the way for a brighter future for all citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

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Cornelia Cozonac

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