Those who fight corruption in Moldova were caught in toils of schemes, expert

The level of corruption in the Republic of Moldova is rather high and does not decrease on an annual basis. “There is a corruption mechanism that was well planned by particular groups and this works efficiently. No matter what happens, none of its components are affected as it is managed from behind by particular group interests that come to power,” anticorruption expert Cornelia Cozonac stated for IPN, commenting on the situation concerning the fight against corruption.

According to the expert, the corruption mechanism is passed on from a group to another and the fight against corruption is not really efficient for now. “If we look back, we see that those who tried to change things ultimately were swallowed by this system and they were caught in the toils of corruption schemes.”

Cornelia Cozonac explained that the new government aims to change things, but will succeed only if it has enough courageous and non-discredited people. Other tactics than those applied until now need to be employed so as to learn from others’ not own mistakes. “If there is enough will, things can change now as the government is solid and has everything it its hands. It can amend the laws, can hold contests to fill public posts to employ non-discredited and skillful persons who would bring value added to the work they do and would not allow corruption schemes. It won’t be easy, but the situation in the field of corruption in the Republic of Moldova can change,” stated Cornelia Cozonac.

According to her, the institutions that fight corruption should be cleared of compromised and blackmailable elements and the time is now opportune. If this chance is missed, no other such chances can appear.

On the occasion of International Anticorruption Day, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu reaffirmed the legislative body’s commitment to root out corruption from the state institutions so as to be able to reform the country.

International Anticorruption Day has been observed annually on December 9 since the passage of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption on October 31, 2003 to raise public awareness for anticorruption.

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