WikiLeaks from Moldova: The Telegram channel of Dumitru Alaiba was also hacked


A few days after being sworn in as Minister of Economy, the Telegram channel of the former PAS deputy Dumitru Alaiba was allegedly hacked. The alleged official's account contains 175 chats.

One of Alaiba's "compromising" discussions would be the one held with the socialist Petru Burduja. Alaiba complains that a committee (economy, budget, and finance committee) “eats up” his days, and the socialist reproaches him jokingly that when he was in the opposition, it gave him “dark” days.

Dumitru Alaiba came up with a reaction on his Facebook page.

"About the alleged "break-in".

1. I do not consider it necessary to comment on the disinformation operations of the FSB in our country.

2. I never use the word "gossip".

In communicating with citizens and mass media representatives, I will insist on talking about people's problems, and how we help the economy.  I will not get distracted by trivial topics, fakes, insinuations, or denigrations. We have no time to waste," Alaiba wrote.

Previously, on a web page called Moldova-Leaks, the alleged conversations on the Telegram channel of the Minister of Justice, Sergiu Litvinenco, the presidential advisor, Dorin Recean, the ex-deputy Vadim Pistrinciuc and the Minister of the Interior, Ana Revenco, were published.


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