Ex-prime minister Vlad Filat wants to get his revenge. Why he insists on an "open-door" trial

Viorica Mija

The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) registered the review request submitted by ex-prime minister Vlad Filat and the two lawyers who will defend his interests in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 20. This action became possible after the European Court of Human Rights found that Filat did not receive a fair trial. The Center for Investive Journalism (CIJM) has published an investigation that reveals that at least two of the people whom Ilan Shor claims were intermediaries in the granting of bribes, totaling 320 million lei, have never been to the Republic of Moldova and don't even know Ilan Shor and Vlad Filat. CIJM reporters have also uncovered how Filat managed to live comfortably after his conditional release from prison.

Vlad Filat declares that he was illegally convicted and tried behind closed doors in a "captured state." He believes that having a public trial will not only ensure his fundamental rights are respected but also provide him with the opportunity to prove his innocence.

"To restore justice, we have requested the Supreme Court of Justice to rectify the fundamental violations committed by the national courts during the trial. This time, the national courts will take into account the findings of the European Court in the judgment against the state, namely that I did not have a public trial in which I could defend myself and prove my innocence. The court has also acknowledged that other rights in a fair trial were violated, such as the refusal to hear witnesses and the appointment of experts," the former prime minister wrote on his social media page.

Filat was detained on October 15, 2015, for passive corruption and influence peddling. The politician lost his parliamentary immunity with the vote of 79 deputies, following a request from the former general prosecutor, Corneliu Gurin. This request came after a self-denunciation by Ilan Shor.

The former prime minister was released from prison in December 2019 after serving four years and two months of a nine-year prison sentence.

Viorica Mija

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