Reaction to the CIJM investigation. Judge Ghizdari explains source of generouse donations from parents and in-laws

Tatiana Gherța
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An investigation by revealed that donations made to magistrates ended up in their personal accounts. This prompted a notification to the National Integrity Authority (ANI), which then conducted a wealth verification of judge Ion Ghizdari, who was featured in the investigation. Judge Ghizdari had received donations worth 100,000 lei from his parents and in-laws in 2020. ANI found no violation of the legal requirements for declaring wealth and personal interests after the judge explained the origin of the money.

In the investigation titled "The Rich Sponsors of Magistrates," CIJM journalists found that one in five judges in the Republic of Moldova reported receiving donations from their parents, in-laws, siblings, or other relatives in their declarations of wealth and personal interests for the year 2020.

Judge Ion Ghizdari of the Ungheni Court was among those who received donations, according to the report by The report stated that "in 2020, Ion Ghizdari of the Ungheni Court received donations worth 111,700 lei from his parents and in-laws." This information prompted ANI to investigate Judge Ghizdari's wealth.

Judge Ghizdari explained to the integrity inspector that the donations came from his parents and in-laws, with each contributing 50,000 lei. He argued that his parents had been licensed entrepreneurs for about 20 years, with stalls in the Ungheni market. He also pointed out that patent holders are not required to declare their income, and the only proof of their financial activity is the payment of the patent fee. Regarding his in-laws' financial sources, the judge stated that in 2020, they had a salary income of 363,816 lei, which was confirmed by their employer.

According to ANI's finding document, the donations received by Judge Ghizdari amounted to 100,000 lei, not 111,700 lei, as reported by The document stated that "in the context of the control procedure, Judge Ion Ghizdari presented several justified documents that support his parents and in-laws' financial capacity to make the donations in question in 2020."

Tatiana Gherța

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