Statement // Mihail Gofman and Sergiu Sagaidac would have been detained if they had appeared at the hearings. Viorel Morari: "Both of them were summoned as witnesses"
Colaj CIJM. Foto: Captură video TV 7, Facebook

Mihail Gofman, former Deputy-Head of the Office for Preventing and Combating of Money Laundering within National Anticorruption Center and Sergiu Sagaidac, former head of the Money Laundering Prevention and the Monitoring of Transactions Section from Banca Sociala would have been arrested if they had appeared at the hearings for disclosures about banking fraud. This statement was made by Sergiu Sagaidac, in a posting on his Facebook page. He argues that this was ordered by the coordinator of fraud in the banking system, which, according to  Mihail Gofman is  Serghei Iaralov. The latter  is in the attention of an investigation on portal. Anticorruption prosecutors argue that both were summoned as witnesses.

"On July, 6 when Mihail Gofman was summoned  to the Anti-Corruption Prosecution for questioning about his statements as a witness, he  was  supposed to be detained and arrested, isolated and  stop speaking about the theft of the billion. I know that the same order concerned me as well. The coordinator is giving the orders", reads the posting of Sergiu Sagaidac.

Viorel Morari, head of Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office claims that both Gofman and Sagaidac were summoned as witnesses. "They do not have any  status in bank fraud case. They can have a status when they refuse to testify. So far none of them said that they did not want to testify", said Viorel Morari.

Former head of the Money Laundering Prevention and the Monitoring of Transactions Section from Banca Sociala   speaks about the list of 22 people who would have important details on bank fraud and about the secret group of investigation in 2013 whose members are key witnesses in the case of banking fraud. "If  the witnesses  from the 2013 secret group and from the list of witnesses  that is not complete, start talking, then we will find out the truth and the  people will throw their hands up in horror when  they find the truth", wrote Sergiu Sagaidac.

"What was the reaction of Parliament? Why don’t they want debates? It is very important to find the truth and to hold accountable those responsible and then recover stolen money? (...) What was the reaction of the General Prosecutor’s office? They issued a response showing that the investigation is discredited. Well, why don’t you give credibility to this investigation by attracting prosecutors from EU countries and Europol experts to assist and have status of observer in the investigation? ", wonders former head of the Money Laundering Prevention and the Monitoring of Transactions Section from Banca Sociala.

In this context, Sergiu Sagaidac claims that he agrees to be questioned by anticorruption prosecutors, but this should happen in the UK, as planned. "I will submit written testimony in line with the Criminal Procedure Code, in your presence, Anticorruption Prosecutor Adriana Betisor, here in the UK, including with the presence of a British prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office in London. If you have financial difficulties, we can pay the flight Chisinau - London", he suggests.

Mihail  Gofman and Sergiu Sagaidac made several sounding disclosures about the bank fraud. Three weeks ago, in the show "Interpol" on TV 7, Mihail  Gofman called, inter alia, four main subjects involved in the theft of billion. They are Vlad Filat, Ilan Sor, Vlad Plahotniuc and Veaceslav Platon. None of them is the author or the coordinator of the scheme. "It was a fight between two groups, Filat - Shor on one hand, and Plahotniuc - Platon on the other hand.  The group Filat-Shor won", said the former employee of National Anticorruption Center. According to Gofman, the scheme was plotted by some external services, including from the Russian Federation, and it aimed to control currency reserves of Moldova National Bank.

Later, at a conference in Washington, Mihail Gofman  said that the main beneficiary of fraud in the banking system in Moldova was the businessman Vlad Plahotniuc. "So far no one handles this robbery, although I explained how this robbery should be investigated. These are only glimpses of the overall picture", he said, adding that an international investigation is needed.

Sergiu Sagaidac confirmed in the program "Interpol" that the leadership of Moldova National Bank knew about the disastrous situation of the three banks involved in the theft of the billion.

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