FBI followed by the Chisinau police. Journalist of the CIJM harassed by one of the subjects of the investigation about the former prosecutor Ruslan Popov


The journalist of the Center for Journalistic Investigations in Moldova (CIJM), Julieta Savitchi, the author of several investigations into the former deputy general prosecutor, Ruslan Popov, is being harassed by one of the subjects targeted in the investigation. After threatening to report her to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Embassy in Chisinau, Lilian Racovita reported her for defamation to the police and to the court in Chisinau.

The journalist was summoned to the police to give explanations, and the Chisinau Court has scheduled, for next month, the first court hearing in the civil case initiated based on Racovita's complaint.

The petitioner who threatened the journalist, Lilian Racovita, has been living in the USA for several years, and last autumn, a few days before Ruslan Popov was detained, he registered on his name the share of a business owned by the prosecutor's son in Orhei. Lilian Racovita accuses the author of the investigation of having written that he was a former police officer, which would damage his own image and "would create unfavorable legal circumstances".

The petitioner also considers  as a defamation, the fact that the author of the investigation wrote that he bought 33 percent of the business in Orhei, despite the fact that the information was taken from open official sources.

Racovita also claimed that Savitchi wrote about him that he was accused of committing illegalities, despite the fact that in one of his videos made a few years ago, he rejected the accusations brought.

The petitioner also accused the journalist of writing defamatory articles about him five years ago on another portal that actually does not exist.

In October last year, the CIJM published an investigation stating that the family of Deputy Prosecutor General Ruslan Popov, under criminal investigation for illicit enrichment, would control, in addition to the orchard and refrigerator in Milestii Mici, a third of a business in agriculture in Braviceni village, Orhei district. This case, which was identified by the reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalism, is not registered on the prosecutor's name, has not been and is not declared. It is a super intensive apple orchard, arranged according to the state-of-the art standards. The share in the business was initially recorded on the name of Alexandru Popov, the prosecutor's eldest son, who was a 19-year-old student at the time. Shortly before Ruslan Popov was detained in the case of illicit enrichment, the share of the business in Braviceni was registered on Racovita’s name.

We remind you that Ruslan Popov sued the CIJM in court after the publication of investigations into his business and assets. The trial is suspended until the end of the criminal investigation and the ruling of a final decision in the criminal case for illicit enrichment.



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