Indication // Advertisement for „Edelweiss” Foundation, “mandatory” in all post offices
Logo Edelweiss

The post offices from the country have displayed, at the indication of Serghei Nastas, general director of "Posta Moldovei" advertisement content for the Foundation of the democrat Vlad Plahotniuc, "Edelweiss". Serghei Nastas sent a letter to the CEOs of all branches, informing them that through the Transportation and Mail Processing Center, he will send the informative-ad material in A3 format.

“The given ads must be displayed - mandatory - at a visible place in all post offices", writes the letter sent on September 2 that reached Thus, 2 posters were hung in the central post and by one poster- in post offices.

Elena Dancicova, head of Marketing Department of Posta Moldovei informed us that any advertising was placed on contract basis. "We have several contracts of this kind with many economic units. I cannot give information about the contract value for this foundation, but it's about tariffs set at Posta Moldovei. It depends on the size of posters and the display period. This information is confidential", said Elena Dancicova.

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