Investigative journalists are monitoring the presidential elections. Electoral violations can be reported on a hot line
sursa foto: CIJM

Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM), Ziarul de Garda (ZdG), Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC) in partnership with Freedom House launch the „Initiative for transparent presidential elections”.  During the electoral campaign, the journalists from CIJM will monitor the candidates for the presidential elections and will report on their integrity problems.

„ CIJM has monitored previous 5 election campaigns. An example is "Black lists" for a Clean Parliament in the 2009 parliamentary campaign. It is very important that citizens are informed about elections. The investigations of CIJM will be published by the local press and will be cited by any media institution on condition of observing the law. We are open for all journalists who have concrete cases about electoral frauds or integrity problems of candidates”, said Cornelia Cozonac, president of CIJM in the press conference of „Initiative for transparent presidential elections” launch.

CIJM and CAPC aim to monitor the violations signaled in the electoral campaign. Citizens can report them on the Corruption Map on portal   Anticorupț, or at the hotline released by CAPC.

„Citizens who signal electoral frauds can call the hotline "Free legal assistance in electoral disputes".  Lawyers intend to provide free legal assistance in electoral field to citizens, NGOs, and facilitate access to justice for all voters in the period up to the elections and on election day. Lawyers can be contacted by phone (022) 23 85 32; (022) 23 85 71 (022) 23 83 84. The hotline is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00. On the election day, citizens can call the hotline from 7.00 up to closing the polling stations”, said Galina Bostan, executive director of CAPC.

Also, a guide for the mass media about the rights of journalists within the election campaign will be released within the "Initiative for transparent presidential elections". This guide will be centered on problems faced by journalists in the election campaign.

“This project aims to promote transparency in elections. Therefore, we decided to work with journalists and representatives of civil society to inform the public about irregularities in the campaign and about the candidates", said Gina Lentine, representative of Freedom House.


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