DOC// The former head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor"s Office, who "imprisoned" Vlad Filat, will stand trial in Bălți

Viorica Mija
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The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) has approved the request to transfer the case of the former deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, Adriana Bețișor. As a result, the review of the prosecutors' appeal to annulment of the order  to initiate the criminal proceedings against Bețișor by the magistrates of the Chisinau Court, Ciocana headquarters, will be held at the Bălți Court of Appeal. Previously, Bețișor stated to that the case accusing her of accepting a 50,000 euro bribe was fabricated by prosecutors, with the involvement of the suspended Attorney General Alexandr Stoianoglo, at the behest of the controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon. Both Stoianoglo and Platon have repeatedly denied these allegations.

The request for relocation was submitted by the interim president of the Chisinau Court of Appeal, Ghenadie Mîra. The magistrate cited the presence of a prosecutor in the criminal trial who currently works in the District Prosecutor's Office attached to the Chisinau Court of Appeal. On the other hand, Adriana Bețișor informed that she learned about this appeal  by Mîra through the press and, together with her lawyer, they did not have the opportunity to express their opinion. With the decision of the SCJ, the prosecutors' appeal against the ruling of the Chisinau Court, Ciocana headquarters, which declared the order of the suspended Attorney General Alexandr Stoianoglo to initiate a criminal investigation against Adriana Bețișor illegal, will be examined by the full Court of Appeal in Bălți.

We would like to remind you that Adriana Bețişor left the system in August 2019. The former  deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office informed that she was forced to resign.

Adriana Bețișor is known for handling high-profile cases during her relatively short tenure as a prosecutor. In 2012, she led a group of prosecutors who raided Veaceslav Platon's companies. In 2013, she dealt with the case of Leonid Volneanschi, the owner of the Elat shopping center, who was accused of fraud on a particularly large scale. The businessman and his lawyers claimed that the case was fabricated and the evidence was falsified.

Similarly, Bețișor led a group at the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office that investigated the theft of the billion. She managed one of the criminal cases involving Ilan Shor, as well as the case of the Caravita company and Ion Rusu, a relative of former Prime Minister Vladimir Filat. Bețişor also oversaw the case of Vladimir Filat, who was ultimately sentenced to nine years in prison. Both trials, against Rusu and against Filat, were held behind closed doors, and the defense lawyers pointed out the unfairness of the prosecution and the trial.


Viorica Mija

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