DOC//Sorry from behind bars. Cristian Rizea, forced to pay moral damages to journalist Emilia Șercan

Viorica Mija
Colaj CIJM

The Chisinau District Court, the headquarters of the Centre, forced Cristian Rizea, extradited to the Romanian authorities this April, to pay moral damages of 25 thousand lei to the investigative journalist from Romania, Emilia Șercan, known for uncovering the plagiarism of doctoral theses of some high-ranking Roemilia sercanmanian politicians. In July 2022, Rizea declared that it had documents that would prove that "Emilia Șercan orchestrated together with secret services from the Russian Federation the attack on Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă". Șercan commented that the kompromat operation, by leaking intimate images, is related to the disclosure he made about the plagiarism admitted by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă. Cristian Rizea also made several slanderous statements to the reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM), who uncovered the luxury with which he was surrounded in Chisinau, given that the Romanian judiciary had convicted him for acts of corruption.

This July, 19 NGOs from Romania sent a memorandum to the Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice in Bucharest, asking him to take the necessary steps to ensure that subordinate bodies comply with the law in the case of the journalist . Despite the numerous notifications made by the journalist, in the criminal files in which she complained about the violation of private life, the criminal investigation bodies have not fulfilled, for more than a year, their legal obligation to take the necessary measures to limit the consequences of the crimes about which were notified.

The former Romanian deputy, Cristian Rizea, extradited by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova on April 27 and imprisoned in Romania, upset more people during his six years of refuge in Chisinau. Several cases remain pending in the court of first instance, in which Rizea is accused of defamation. In other "trials of honor" irrevocable decisions have been handed down over time.

At least four cases in which Cristian Rizea is accused of causing damage to honor, dignity and professional reputation remained unresolved in the court of first instance. In the preparation phase is the action initiated by the former official from Chisinau City Hall, Veronica Herța, who sued him for the "revelations" in the show: "Rizea's Confession". At the same time, no finality was reached in the litigation with the Limited Liability Company ENTOURAGE & COMPANY, which summoned Rizea to court for slanderous statements. The case initiated by the actress Olia Tira remained without a final verdict, but also the one in which the businessman Nicolae Ciornîi defends his honor, dignity and professional reputation.

Apart from these files, the former PSD deputy also appears as a plaintiff in several civil and administrative litigation files. He challenged the presidential decree regarding the withdrawal of Moldovan citizenship and the documents issued by the state enterprise Registru.

Viorica Mija

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