Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Prosecutor Mirandolina Suşiţcaia, investigated for illicit enrichment and abuse of office

Julieta Saviţchi

The former anti-corruption prosecutor, Mirandolina Suşiţcaia, the one who ordered the removal from criminal prosecution of the Moldovan judges involved in the Russian Laundromat, and reported to the superiors that there is no evidence in that case, could be generally suspended from the system. Susiţcaia is under criminal investigation for illicit enrichment and abuse of office.

The Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP) included in Tuesday's agenda the examination of the request of the ex-interim general prosecutor Dumitru Robu regarding the suspension of Mirandolina Suşiţcaia from her position during the criminal investigation. The accuser requested the postponement of the examination on the grounds that she wanted to be assisted at hearings by her lawyer, who at that time was involved in a court case.

We remind you that last autumn Suşiţcaia was delegated from the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office to another institution. The files involving Veaceslav Platon, including the Russian Laundromat case, were withdrawn from the prosecutor.

The Center for Investigative Journalism  (CIJM) published an investigation last year about how Mirandolina Suşiţcaia buried the Laundromat file. The investigation reveals with evidentiary documents, that the prosecutor avoided making information about the Laundromat available to the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission regarding the Russian laundromat, having in this regard the support of the general prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo.

A few days later, reporters from the portal caught Mirandolina Sușițcaia having coffee with Mihail Gofman, the former deputy head of the CNA's Money Laundering Prevention and Combating Service, in a restaurant in Chisinau.

Mihail Gofman would be the one who proposed the amendment to the Law on the Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, which would have served as a legal tool for money laundering in particularly large proportions through the courts and financial-banking institutions in the Republic of Moldova, scheme organized and implemented by Veaceslav Platon.


Julieta Saviţchi

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