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Corruption cases
Chisinau_Gaz 25.12.2012

“Chișinău-Gaz” Misappropriation Case

Started: 25 March 2011 August 2012: the case is in Râșcani District Court of Chişinău Opened on 25 March 2011, the criminal case on the misappropriation of the property of …

Strada Ciocarliei de pe timpul.md 25.12.2012

“Strada Ciocârliei” Case Filed in Court

Started: May 2010 August 2012: Case Pending Before Court The prosecution started in May 2010 by the Anticorruption Center of a case related the alienation of the land plot on …

Meciuri trucate 23.11.2012

Two Cases of Fixed Football Games – Pending Before Court

Filed: September 2012 In April 2012, seven football players of FC Sfântul Gheorghe Suruceni complained to the Football Federation that they had been forced by the Club’s management to play …

Gheorghe Gorincioi de pe timpul.md 11.11.2012

Gheorghe Gorincioi, with Status of Accused in Bribery Case at ACC

Filed 2011, Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office does not specify the date August 2012: Investigations Ongoing After detaining on 22 January 2011 the former head of the Administrative Division of the Audiovisual …

anticoruptie moldova 20.09.2012

Vladimir Molojen’s Case, in Court

Filed: October 2011 September 2012: In First Instance Court In October 2011 the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office announced it had started a criminal case against the ex-minister of information development Vladimir …

Moldtelecom 11.09.2012

“Moldtelecom” Case Closed in One Year from Filing

Filed: September 2009 Closed: September 2010 On 2 September 2009, the Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption opened a criminal case against the person who in 2007-2009 managed the …

Nina Cernat adevarul.ro 22.08.2012

Case on the Luxurious House of Judge Nina Cernat

Disclosed: 1 August 2012 On 1 August 2012, the newspaper “Adevărul” published an investigation showing that the Supreme Court justice Nina Cernat lived in a house in the luxurious complex …

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Journalistic investigations
savvides4 29.10.2013

Defrauded of His Business During Communist Government, Cypriot Investor Decides To Sue Moldova for Failure To Protect His Investments

He came to Moldova to invest but was arrested, pressed criminal charges against based on false evidence, and his business, estimated at several millions of euros, was raided on and …

corrupt 12.06.2013

Interests Beyond the Law

Cornelia Cozonac   For five years Moldova has had a law on the conflict of interests that should sanction those officials who make decisions in favor of their relatives or …

parlament1 12.06.2013

Much Honor, Little Dignity

Cornelia Cozonac   In 2009, a group of nongovernmental organizations, reunited within a civic initiative entitled the Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament (CICP), launched into monitoring according to some …

Pruteanu 15.05.2013

Magistrate with Expensive Villa and Abusively Taken Land

Ion Preaşca, Adevarul Liuba Pruteanu, Deputy Chief Judge of the Buiucani District Court of Chişinău, is suspected by the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) of having abusively taken a land plot …

regii-asfaltului 14.05.2013

Asphalt Kings in the Country of Holes

Source: Adevarul.ro/Moldova Author: Ion Preasca In 2012, half of the amount of the road repair contracts from the Road Fund came into the hands of a group of ten companies, …

grau2.jpg 14.05.2013

State Material Reserves – Source of Giveaways for “Our People”

The state material reserves have been used by the Moldovan governments of all colors in their personal and their party interests, as electoral giveaways or as tools for supporting “our …

1302071 12.02.2013

Candidate for Chief Judge of Râşcani District Court Involved in Conflict of Interests

The deputy chief judge of Râşcani District Court of Chisinau Oleg Melniciuc in November 2012 examined a case in which a relative of his was involved. The day after that …

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