Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Prosecutor Mirandolina Suşiţcaia, forced to leave the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office

The anti-corruption prosecutor, Mirandolina Suşiţcaia, who ordered the removal from criminal prosecution of Moldovan judges involved in the Russian Laundromat and reported to her superiors that there was no evidence in the case, was delegated from the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office to another institution. Prosecutor Susitscaia's files containing Veaceslav Platon,

Julieta Saviţchi

How former Ukrainian judge Mykola Chaus who allegedly hid bribes in jars, was arrested in Chisinau. Journalists from Kiev suggest connection with Veaceslav Platon’s case


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Judge Victor Orindas who escaped punishment in the case of “Russian Laundromat”, is in the US. His litigation with Superior Council of Magistrates, at Constitutional Court


“Russian laundromat” schemes revealed by the Anti-corruption Prosecution


List of former and current magistrates involved in “Russian laundromat”, in the attention of anti-corruption prosecutors


Member of Supreme Council of Magistrate: „Council agreed to prosecute 16 current and former judges, involved in «Russian laundromat»”


Property of Veaceslav Platon’s parents, sequestered. What the businessman says about the US investigation over the theft of billion