Conveyor belt delays: star doctor with 500 thousand lei car mired in procrastination

Viorica Mija
Sursa: FB/Virgiliu Urechi

Since September of last year, when the extension of the preventive measure was being considered, the case against the former head of the radiology department at the Chisinau Oncology Hospital, Virgiliu Urechi, accused of passive corruption, has not been moved forward. For half a year, all the meetings were postponed, and Urechi also submitted a claim against his employer. Urechi sent preliminary summons requests to several newsrooms, claiming that his honor and dignity were damaged by journalistic materials. He also demands 500 thousand lei in moral damages from the Center for Investigative Journalism.

On September 16, 2022, the court approved the preventive measure (judicial control) regarding Virgiliu Urechi, who was accused of passive corruption. Although the next meeting was supposed to take place on October 18, it was postponed. The following six meetings suffered the same fate.

The doctor was caught red-handed after allegedly demanding money to expedite the hospitalization of a cancer patient. Later, other incidents were added to the file in which whistleblowers complained of being asked for sums with five zeros.

On February 15, 2022, Virgiliu Urechi was arrested by anti-corruption officers and prosecutors after allegedly demanding 2,000 euros from a patient to ensure his hospitalization and the urgent start of oncological treatment.

Three days later, an arrest warrant for 20 days was issued against him. A new complaint was also filed by a person who claims that he was demanded a bribe of 50,000 lei to speed up the hospitalization of his mother, who is suffering from cancer. The informant explained that he would have sent the money to the Oncological Institute employee's office and documented the conversation with audio, which he later attached as evidence to the report.

On March 24, the magistrates at the Chisinau Court, Ciocana headquarters, decided to place him under house arrest for 30 days. On April 22, ARBI took over the administration of the doctor's car worth almost half a million lei.

If found guilty, Virgiliu Urechi, who was a public figure at the time of his arrest, risks a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, with the deprivation of the right to hold public office for up to 15 years.

Viorica Mija

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