Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Businessman Evgheny Kheyman admits involvement in financing the Socialists from Bahamas

Julieta Saviţchi
Jurnal TV

Russian businessman Evgheny Kheyman has confirmed his involvement in the Bahamas schemes through which the Socialist Party and the former President Igor Dodon received millions for the election campaigns, which the Center for Investigative Journalism  published an investigation a week ago. Kheyman gave an interview to Jurnal TV, in which he confirmed that the offshore that sponsored the Moldovan socialists belonged to the former communist deputy of the Russian State Duma, Vaha Agaev, who died last year of Covid.

The businessman said that through the offshore company from the Bahamas, Agaev sponsored Dodon's party with 17 million euros. According to Kheyman, 17 million euros reached the Westerby Limited account. From this money, with about 10 million euros, Westerby Limited bought, in 2015, the broadcasting license for the NTV Moldova TV channel, which uses the same trademark as the Russian NTV and the right to use the trademark of the Russian newspaper "Argumentî i Fakty" . Following the conclusion of the transaction, Westerby Limited transferred these goods to Exclusiv Media. The businessman also said in the interview that the transaction happened in Monaco and was operated by the lawyer Dmitri Neliubin.

Kheyman also claims that Vaha Agaev was Dodon's curator in Moscow, the latter enjoyed an intense promotion in Russia.

"By virtue of the position I held, I followed these transactions. Until his election as President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon visited Aagev. He went to the office. At these meetings, we did not discuss funding in the Bahamas. The discussion focused on topics related to economics, development. They took place in the following format: Dodon, Vaha Abuevici and I, invited to the office. There is a common understanding that the following transactions will indeed take place. But these spicy issues were not decided that way, face to face in the office. When Dodon was not a president, he came to Moscow alone. After the elections, he was accompanied by people, we took him to the Golden Ring Hotel ", Kheyman revealed in the interview for Jurnal TV.

On September 30, the CIJM published an investigation which first revealed that the person who managed the Westerby Limited company in the Bahamas, in 2016, when it sponsored the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, was Evgheny Kheyman. Between December 2016 and November 2017, he served as manager of the Enterprise with Foreign Capital, Natur Bravo.

The investigation also states that Evgheny Kheyman was prosecuted for foreign assets embezzlement based on a complaint filed by his successor Mukhmad Galaev and was sentenced. After the Socialists took over the government in November 2019, and Alexandr Stoianoglo was appointed general prosecutor, the sentence regarding Kheyman was annulled, and files for fraud and abuse of office were started against the denouncer and prosecutor Roman Statnîi, who managed the case.

The case against Galaev and Statnii is managed by the prosecutor Vladislav Căruceru from the General Prosecutor's Office.

In the period when Igor Dodon served as head of state, Evgheny Kheyman declared himself a victim of the Plahotniuc regime and asked for Dodon's help, while in the interview for Jurnal TV, the businessman said that he was deprived of property by two businessmen from Igor Dodon's entourage in complicity with former anti-corruption prosecutors Viorel Morari and Roman Statnii.

Julieta Saviţchi

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